Matebook d bios

Thx for you Answer. This really help me? You Maybe tried Geekbench 4? XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

Huawei matebook D – drivers for Windows

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I've been searching far and wide to see if the new Hauwei Matebook supports RemixOS, but have yet to find any info online. Just bought yesterday, and going to attempt an install tonight, but figured I'd check. Junior Member. Join Date: Joined: Aug Yes, I have tried it on Matebook and it works well. OP Junior Member.

Join Date: Joined: Dec It does! Just got it installed myself. Thanks Meter : 1. Join Date: Joined: Mar Hi Huawei MateBook with m3 and 4gb ram? Does wifi work? Thanks Meter : Join Date: Joined: Jun Wifi works fine! With m3 processor?

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Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of 3 1 2 3.The new MateBook D isn't the most exciting product in Huawei's first laptop range, but it may be suitable for your next computing device with a solidly built design and lots of impressive spec. Best known for making smartphones, Huawei has announced its entry into the laptop market with two new products.

It's nothing to get excited about, although some of the spec may be perfect for your needs. When you open it up you can see the The keyboard is easy to type on, and the MateBook D will stay sturdy no matter if you're typing on a desk or on your lap. It's a bit of a shame that Huawei hasn't made this a backlit keyboard though. On the right-hand side, next to the keyboard, is the power button, which doubles as a fingerprint scanner. This should give you that added peace of mind that everything on your laptop is secure, with your biometrics being the only way in.

Color choices are limited to a dark blue, a grey shade or a bright gold version. We found the dark blue version — pictured at the top of this review — did show off fingerprint marks pretty heavily on the lid. One of the benefits of the MateBook D is the amount of connectivity ports on offer. Then there are a variety of RAM options. Huawei has partnered with Dolby to ensure the design of the laptop is optimum for viewing video content, as well as a few software tweaks that should make it more efficient.

It means the speakers are in better places for when you're watching movies, as well as having a slightly less reflective screen. However, this is a long way from the sort of sound experience you'd get from even a basic home cinema setup.

Be sure to look out for our full review very soon. Hands on reviews' are a journalist's first impressions of a piece of kit based on spending some time with it. It may be just a few moments, or a few hours.

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Early Verdict The new MateBook D isn't the most exciting product in Huawei's first laptop range, but it may be suitable for your next computing device with a solidly built design and lots of impressive spec. For Lots of connectivity options Large display. Against No backlit keyboard Heavy. What is a hands on review?GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

matebook d bios

If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Both come with Microsoft Windows 10 and there initially was no information at all concerning Linux support. This repository documents what works and what does not.

matebook d bios

If you like this page and want it to get even better and more useful, feel free to contribute issues and pull requests, or just buy me a coffee. With some effort, these can be installed from Linux. To update BIOS, make sure fwupd is installed. You'll also need firmware-packager script and gcab that it depends on. I strongly advice having a bootable USB drive for bootloader recovery close at hand, too. Laptop should be on AC power for firmware updater to work.

PLEASE read through all the steps before you start and make sure you have at least a vague understanding of the process! Don't hold me responsible if you trash your system or brick your BIOS!!!

Version 1. You need that second. Reboot or hibernate and hold F12 upon boot to select updater from list of devices.

It reboots again during the process, so make sure to press F12 during the second reboot, too, for the process to continue. Fix your bootloader using the bootable USB drive. Out of the box fan control is very much acceptable, with fans starting up as processor heats up under load and shutting down when not required. In general, under "office workload" the laptop remains cool and fans remain switched off. If you want correct CPU temperature displayed in byobu status notifications, add the following line to your.

Using Wayland can be an option, but the apps that don't support Wayland natively will still have issues such fuzziness all over the window. It is worth noticing that kernels between 5.

matebook d bios

Ubuntu users can use Ubuntu Sound generally works OK out of the box, the only thing not working is headphones autodetection i. This can be fixed, as pointed out by ffftwo :. There's currently no way to make this model work in Linux, however, there's work in progress to make this happen.

You can use matebook-applet to have GUI on Linux for this functionality. Under the hood it utilizes Huawei-WMI device driver that fully supports Matebook 13, including settings for battery protection, since version 3.

The driver only works with Linux kernel 5. Kernels 5. For those running older kernels I developed a script you can download archive with this and the other script from releases page. The script depends on ioport available as package in Debian and needs to be run as root:. The first three options are self-explanatory.

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You can also do. This batpro script is really a modification of a more general script by aymanbagabasso you can use that one instead if you like.

The Huawei MateBook D with an AMD Ryzen 5 2500U is now available in the US

Both are based on a dirty hack, and the proper solution is using Huawei-WMI driver. Battery protection works by not charging the laptop if battery is already above the minimal threshold when plugged into AC, and stopping the charging as soon as the battery charge reaches the maximum threshold.The company is hoping to change that, though, with the introduction of its first convertible Windows tablet, the Huawei MateBook.

The MateBook is a productivity-focused tablet akin to the Microsoft Surface. But even with those figures, the tablet is rather dense. The MateBook is fueled by a mAh battery. Huawei says it can last for up to 10 hours of standard use, which the company says is more than its competitors advertise, including the Lenovo MIIX 4 and Surface Pro 4. It might not seem exciting at first, but I like all the extra functionality it brings to an otherwise basic Windows tablet.

It comes inside a leather folio case that also houses a super compact volt pocket charger. The MateBook is not just for the business-centric. Huawei geared it up for artists, too. It also doubles as a remote for PowerPoint presentations and features a laser pointer on the back, which is neat though not entirely necessary. The pressure sensitivity only works with a few of the app tools, but it was remarkable how well the tablet picked up on even the slightest of brush strokes.

Huawei BIOS Updates

I also liked that as I pushed down on the screen with the virtual paintbrush, the app would react as if they were actual bristles. The MateBook will be available in the U. Follow her on Twitter at ohthatflo. Florence Ion The MateBook also sports curved edges. Battery life to get you through the work day Florence Ion The MateBook has enough battery life to get you through a full day.

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It only takes a minute to sign up. Hey is Huawei matebook d 14 ryzen 5 u running well on Ubuntu? Or any other Linux distribution? I couldn't find information online just that there are some problems with ryzen 5 u. I just bought the Huawei Matebook D for university and I'm installing right now Ubuntu on a partition. Everything works fine and there's no driver issues, the only thing that doesn't work is the mic hotkey, not a dealbreaker if you ask me!

My system froze every few hours, and I could not find a fix. Upgrading the kernel to 4. Furthermore the Matebook ships with severely limited BIOS options, and I was not able to adjust some of the settings people with other Ryzen systems found to be relevant.

I ended up returning the laptop after two weeks. Ubuntu Community Ask! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Huawei matebook d 14 ryzen 5 u [duplicate] Ask Question.

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Viewed 7k times.In AnTuTu the outcome is 37, The final result is a greater protective gear. Your rate of interest is going to be detailed in checkout. The interest is going to be added to your account after the close of the payment free period. Regarding stability, the gadget leaves a mediocre impression. No matter you want or not, Android devices have become among the most common portable device on the industry.

The brand-new tablet is powered by means of a mAh Li-Lon battery which gives a wonderful battery performance for those users. Apart from that, it obviously still is normal Android along with all the features we are accustomed to. There are lots of apps pre-installed too. The reversal of exposure occurs quite fast, but the sharpness needs to be manually adjusted from time to time.

Three Rescue insurance is intended to guard your Three device. Google Cloud Print account is necessary. In general, the design is quite plain.

Designers around the world are creating new ideas daily! Examine the box near the keyboard you would like to use.

matebook d bios

Third-party keyboards are shown close to the base of the screen. Huawei matebook D is an ideal 4G phablet for your everyday use. While the frame around the tablet is created out of plastic, it does include a metal back. At this time you are going to be in a position to see Windows Security Dialog Box. No Ratings Yet.Huawei's MateBook D 14 inch AMD delivers solid performance an aluminum chassis and comfy keyboard for an affordable price.

The MateBook D doesn't have the brightest display, but, overall, it's a solid mainstream laptop. The MateBook D's silver aluminum chassis sports a build quality similar to an older MacBook Pro before Apple opted for its flat keyboard. The interior is lathered in the same silver finish and accompanied by an eerily familiar black chiclet keyboard.

It also has superthin bezels, which is a major plus. The Avita Clarus 14 is 3. The lab results for the MateBook D's inch, x display didn't wow, but this glossy touch-screen display held up fairly well in our real-world testing. Rebecca Hall's red coat looked prominent in the next scene, but the color itself wasn't as bold as it should have been. And when the infamous Baker Street crew are goofing around with the locals, the walls in the foreground start to blur into darkness.

According to our colorimeter, the MateBook D's panel covers 73 percent of the sRGB color gamut, which is short of the 83 percent mainstream laptop average. It did, however, beat the 69 percent from both the Avita Clarus 14 and Acer Spin 3. At nits, the MateBook D's display is once again shy of our nit category average, but so was the Avita Clarus 14 nits and the Acer Spin 3 nits.

The MateBook D's touch-screen panel had no problem keeping up with my finger as I bounced across Paint to make a kingdom of infinite squiggles.

Despite its low key travel, the MateBook D's keyboard delivers punchy feedback. I banged out 72 words per minute on the 10fastfingers. The keyboard offers 1. We did encounter an issue with the first MateBook D unit we tested.

The left Ctrl key had something stuck under it, so I couldn't fully depress the key without putting more weight than usual on it. We reached out to Huawei about this issue, and the company sent us another one with a pristine keyboard. The first laptop came straight from Amazon, so it's still a little concerning. The 4. The touchpad also responded well to Windows 10 gestures like two-finger scrolling and three-finger tab swiping. Despite that, the placement of the speakers delivered solid stereo sound.

FAQ-How to enter the BIOS Setup Utility screen

I could hear each chord of the guitar vibrate through my ears, but when Justin Furstenfeld blasted his vocals on the chorus, it lacked depth. Armed with a 2. On the Geekbench 4.

The MateBook D matched 65, names and addresses on our Excel test in 1 minute and 48 seconds, sliding past the category average as well as the Avita Clarus 14's The Acer Spin 3 finished nearly 20 seconds faster, at That blows past the category average.

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